Friday, June 10, 2011


You're not going to believe this, I have such a painful "crick" in my neck from our visit to Yosemite National Park Wednesday..........look up, look up, look up! It was AWESOME and we're told because of the heavy snowfall and now run-off, "the falls are better than ever!" Where ever you looked there was a scene to take your breath away! Will post more pictures on the blog without comment so I can share some of the 350 + photos I took, went thru 2 camera batteries and did need to delete a good third of what I snapped, but when the second battery died ........... I wasn't ready to be done! Can you see the mama bear on the log in the first photo, baby is there too but shows better in the second pic, at the left end of the log. What an awesome experience to find traffic stopped and this golden photo op! Dave didn't really want me to get out of the truck, we didn't know how large the bear might be or how close to the road but I HAD TO GET OUT and take a closer look. The cub was sooooo playful and cute, both had very shiny coats so hopefully they're healthy. There was deer almost everywhere and would come quite close while grazing. I think the fall showing here is Vernal Fall. We left home at 9 AM and after stopping for a late dinner we got back at 8:30, tired and our visual senses on overload.
This is now one of my favorite places to visit, right up there with Niagara Falls. The GOOD LORD gives us so much beauty to enjoy but man screws it up whether intentionally or not. While talking to a very nice couple from Florida, they pointed out oil residue that was contaminating the river, leeching from the parking lot and the automobiles. Made me want to cry because to see the interior of Yosemite we're so spoiled we must have the convenience of comfortable transportation. We were so surprised to find the park CROWDED on a weekday as well. We did a lot of walking, up and down too for a great work out. We wanted to walk across the "Swinging Bridge" but there wasn't a parking place anywhere around, people were double parking, something we were leery to do. Got a new bird, a White-headed Woodpecker but he was too fast and busy to pose for a pic. The giant sequoia's made me think of a mammoth elephant foot at the base, beautiful majestic trees, and from Glacier Point we looked down 3,214 feet to Yosemite Valley below. If you have an opportunity to visit this park, wear comfortable shoes, layer your clothing and pack a lunch, we didn't and were pretty hungry by the time we got back to a town.
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