Thursday, September 16, 2010

We went to several of the "Quilt Gardens" in northern Indiana and enjoyed the drive as well as the beautiful flowers. Business owners choose a quilt pattern, colors and flowers and then maintain the "quilts" from May 31 until Oct 1. The three here are my better photos. We spent a lot of time driving around, passing the Amish buggies or bicycles along the road and snapping pics of the Amish farms. The compounds with the laundry flying in the breeze really appealed to me and I snapped away. Some of them use clotheslines on a pulley and the laundry is as high as the top of a barn. Was told this idea came from Pennsylvania about ten years ago and really caught on. I admire the Amish lifestyle, but just as I know I wouldn't have made a good pioneer, neither would I be a good Amish wife, you know I'm too spoiled! We replaced the recliners in the rv with new ones from Lambright Comfort Chairs and they are much more comfortable! These recliners are true wall huggers and their 28 inches wide instead of the 31 of the old chairs. The old chairs will pass to someone in the community when there's a need, I liked that idea a lot. We're now at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin and saw beautiful fall colors today, hope to get some pics soon and post them.

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