Monday, June 6, 2011

Edwards AFB to Coarsegold (CA)

Geez, I need a class for blogging, Molly where are you????Guess we should be going to the Escapade but that's another story.
This shot is from CA State Highway 58, beautiful scenery! We left Edwards this morning after discovering a (what looked like) serious water leak. Dave thinks it's coming from the kitchen sink and probably a crack in the holding tank. We stopped at Camping World in Bakersfield but they couldn't touch us til Friday, too long for our schedule. We've left the drain open for that tank and we'll see if that is a temporary fix or not.
The oleander's in the next photo are along the same highway, and along most of the highways we traveled today. Sure brightened up the center/median and were so pretty. At first we weren't sure they were oleander's and they must get water to them somehow.
The third photo is of our space at the Escapee SKP Park in Coarsegold, Ca. We're about 35 miles north of Fresno and found it to be COOL and pretty cloudy when we arrived. We had a "little" problem getting into this parking spot and the hitch for the RV dinged up the siderail of the truck bed, it was such a tight turn. The SKP Park fellow that was directing the back in commented that the hitch was sure loud, yeah, that was the truckrail crunching!!!!!!! Shoot had a couple more photos in here but they're NOT showing up. Got an awesome shot of an Acorn Woodpecker on the neighbor's sugar water feeder. I quickly concocted sugar water after we got here and have hummingbirds fighting over the feeders now, didn't take long at all and I am in heaven!
We are here for a week.........PROBABLY...........this park won't allow use of personal washing machines in a personal rig, MUST use their laundry to preserve their fragile sewer system and we'll see how long Dave can wear the same clothes and not smell.... We are at the south base of Yosemite National Park and they tell us there's more waterfalls there than you'd ever hope to see in a lifetime, maybe that'll be tomorrow. I'm so excited..................................
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