Thursday, August 19, 2010

Okay, think I've calmed down enough to give you the highlights of Niagara Falls. These pics are from the Canadian side.
No. 1 is American Falls and the small fall on the right is Bridal Veil. There's a Maid of the Mist at the base of the falls and the other people on our bus were probably on that boat. Since we took the cruise yesterday on the American side, we didn't get to do it from the Canadian side.
No. 2 is Horseshoe Falls, you can see both falls so much better in Canada.
No.3 is the Skylon Tower and we took a glass elevator to the top, really neat. The tower is 520 feet high from street level and is the highest structure in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I took the above pictures from the observation deck of the tower.
The biggest disappointment, Dave and I agreed, was the view from behind the Falls. Guess my expectation
wasn't realistic, expected to be behind the spray, to look up and see the Falls from the top. What we got was a tunnel
and narrow at that, crowded with lots of people. The view behind the Falls was water so powerful and thick
that's all you got, kinda a gray blur. Canada is so beautiful, fully landscaped, manicured and color everywhere.
There was four "mates" on our tour bus from Australia, nice young men on vacation. They are in the States for two months and having a blast. They were very outgoing and answered all our dumb questions. They knew who Marcos Ambrose is, too. Six weeks vacation in Australia is normal according to them. We leave the Falls and New York tomorrow, heading to Ohio and hopefully will see Paul and Connie Anderson, in or near Salem. Had a knock on our door here in N. Tonawanda and it was Donna & Keith Green. Our world is getting smaller. Til next and hugs from us to YOU!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Niagara Falls & Cave of the Winds

What an absolutely AWESOME day we had! Our tour guide picked us up at the RV Park and we put our life in his hands when we got in the van, he drove like the New York cabdrivers you see on tv! We took an elevator down (something like 171 feet) to board the Maid of the Mist. From the boat we cruised to the base of the American Falls and then the basin of Horseshoe Falls. We knew we'd get wet so I didn't even shampoo this morning and it was good I didn't, got soaked because I couldn't keep the hood of the poncho up. I loved every minute of being in the mist or pelted with water, it was wonderful. At Cave of the Winds they provided "keepsake" waterproof sandals as well as another poncho and both were definitely needed. At Cave of the Winds we walked up many steps with water running over them, it was a tad cold and if you were there, you were going to get wet. At a couple of points you needed to hang on to the railing because the water was pretty powerful coming across. We had a grand time and can't wait to tour the Canadian side tomorrow. So wish all of you could be here with us. We didn't plan to be in New York but when we discovered we were less than 200 miles from the Falls, we felt we just had to take this detour, probably once in a lifetime! Sending you hugs................... Oh, couldn't get Dave to take a "barrel ride."

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Erie
In the background, Lake Erie. Caught several good looks, feel so Blessed to see these sights. Just can't believe we're in New York and going to see Niagara Falls tomorrow, American side. Wednesday we'll do the Canadian side and glad we could split it up. Our campground is nice, owner very accommodating, pricey but look where we are!

Grapes and more grapes, miles and miles of grapes, we should never run out of wine!

Almost there...................more tomorrow.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 30, 31 Aug 1 ...Dry Fork, West Viginia from Thunderstruck Mountain (named by Eleanor Roosevelt.) Believe me, I rode to the top of this mountain on the back of an ATV. The second picture shows a "sod", something new I learned about from Dave's cousin Jack. The sod is the clearing in the picture. After several hours on the mountaintop, we went back to Jack's house to a wonderful lunch prepared by Dorlos, Jack's wife. The afternoon was spent touring cemeteries and placing flowers on family graves. Then back to the house for an amazing dinner that included RAMPS! Ramps are an onion like vegetable, strong flavor and they pass the smell to your body...... they grow in West Virginia and no where else as far as I know. They are good! As if we hadn't been across enough mountains, we'll move on and cross many more....... Reunion with the sisters coming up.
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