Sunday, June 5, 2011

Edwards AFB/NASA

Wow, what a thrill it's been to be here at Edwards Air Force Base! Lots of testing and NASA stuff here, the aircraft on static display are awesome. Of course y'all know this is where the shuttles land if the weather in Florida is bad, only wish I could've seen one of these first hand. There's a huge dry lake bed here where they'd land, Dave was fortunate to see a landing when he was TDY with the Guard. There's two 747's (that we saw) that would piggy-back the shuttle to FL and they're an amazing sight all on their own. My airplane is the SR 71, THE BLACKBIRD, I love that aircraft! It's so long, sleek and intimidating, it's HUGE and looks like there's only room for the pilot. How amazing to control an aircraft like that..... We don't have enough respect for or knowledge of our test pilots, I certainly have a little better understanding and am in awe.
We spent a week outside of Wickenburg, AZ, then moved on to Laughlin, NV. This is our third stop and in the morning we'll move farther north in Ca to Coarsegold. From there we'll have photos of Yosemite National Park, a new stop for us.

Hope all is well with everyone reading this, we love you, each and every one. Will make a REAL effort to keep the blog up to date this summer, can't wait to see the Oregon coast again and share with YOU!
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