Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Along the way to TUS

We made it to Tucson this afternoon and we're all set at the Air Force Base through our grandson's graduation and the family cruise. It's a relief to know the rig will be secure and our friends will be checking in case anything goes wrong, ya just never know! The Horned Toad posed the morning we were leaving DreamCatcher in Deming, NM and the Quail were at the SKP Park in Benson this morning. We had a great visit with Rick & Terri, so wonderful to see Rick looking so good (even tho he's lost quite a bit of weight) and Terri a bit more relaxed. Hopefully we'll see them again before they leave to head to IL. The ESCAPEES and especially the Class of '07 are so special, we've formed what we hope are lasting friendships. Tomorrow is a hair cut for me and can't wait to get the appointment for a mani/pedi with the girl that sinfully pampers me, I deserve it and she deserves the big tip! I'll try to do better about posting if we don't melt in this Arizona heat. Til next time, safe travels / be happy!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Bell's Vireo

Momma and BABY came Thursday evening to let us know everything was okay. The BABY flew onto the deck railing right in front of me, flew a little bit away and then disappeared, while Momma was in a nearby tree. Made me feel so much better ! Do believe these birds are Bell's Vireo (s.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're back in Texarkana at the COE Park, Clear Springs, since Monday. This afternoon we found a baby bird under the RV, poor little thing. The mother was wonderful, she kept coming to feed and encourage the baby. Momma didn't seem to mind that I was so close, got some awesome pictures! Never managed to snap fast enough to catch momma stuffing the worm down Baby's throat, tho. Haven't made an identification yet but won't give up. Will get "THE BOOK" and compare picture to picture. The little guy disappeared while we were having supper, hope momma got him somewhere safe.
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