Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yaquina Head Natural Area

Hey guess what ! this is the same as the "donut" rather ugly/weird looking thingy in the last installment of my blog. Went back to the Tide pools another day and got a better pic of this thing attached to a rock. Drum roll......... it's a Green Sea Anemone, showed a Park Ranger the pic in my camera and she identified it for me. It just looks so different from the anemones you see at OSU Hatfield Marine and Science Center. Wish I'd put my finger in it's mouth and felt the little tentacles close around it. They aren't harmful to adults but a child would feel a sting.
Love the way the surf crashes against the rocks and try to capture the spray on camera. If you enlarge the last pic you'll see the star fish clinging to the rock. The surf really pounds them but they can take the beating without letting go. Of course these pictures are all from Yaquina Head Natural Area in Newport, Oregon.
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