Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tidepools, Quarry Cove, Yaquina Head

Thursday's low tide found us at the artificial tidepools, created in a former rock quarry in 1996. First time we've been fortunate enough to be there at "low tide". Was disappointed there wasn't sea stars or anemones but there was an array of interesting sea life. Whatever is in the upper photo is alive and when touched rather draws within itself. I wasn't sure I wanted to touch it but did and it feels kinda spongy. It's round like a donut but does have an indented center, there was "stuff" caught in there and presume it's food.

The second photo is hermit crabs, no justice here for the color of the shells. They were attached to almost every rock.

Found the white tree branch looking thingy in the third pic to be really neat. Wish I could've picked it up and brought it home but rules are rules. We could observe and gently touch but remove nothing except driftwood. We enjoy the Yaquina Head Natural Area so very much and have been there three times already, might have one more visit before we move farther north up the coast. Golden Age Passports are wonderful, wave 'em at the Ranger at the fee entrance and drive right thru. Today when there the tide was still high but we saw Brown Pelicans, Pigeon Guillemot's with the brightest orange feet you'll ever see, and lots of gulls. There's always something different and exciting. Wednesday we'll move up the coast to Warrenton and see what that part of the coast has in store for us...........can't wait for the installment.
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